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It's On!!!! Salt Flats Here We Come

After days of problem after problem and continual setbacks we finally had forward movement. It has been so frustrating to keep the shop open while working on the bike and last night when we thought all was good, nothing. Again a late night and then this morning Chris and Reg from RCTS had everything ready to go and then ....no signal from the pick-ups on the crank sensor. Turns out the the shaft that the sensor pips run on was bent and would not even come close enough to work... again we are done.

About a half hour of ideas and potential solutions, the shaft was straightened and the sensor moved in to within .015' thousandths of an inch. The starting dolly was fired up and the bike again rolled in gear with our fingers crossed. BANG !!! she fired up and started to run on it's own. 25 minutes later Reg and Chris were tuning this thing to idle on it's own and you could begin to hear the turbo spool up.

By the time I left the shop today at 3pm the bike could turn over easily with one kick and is running (at this time) fine by itself. We still have lots to do before we go but we are in a place we only imagined we could be by now. We are still on!!!

Happy? Yeah we're happy!

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