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Ryan Reynolds Motorcycle Helmet

Ryan looks simply fetching in this full-face helmet. He should wear it on the red carpet.

Pink Motorcycle Helmet

Pink wears red, white, and green.
 Pink Hats 

Motorcycle Helmets - How to Make Sure Your Helmet Fits Properly


Proper helmet sizing is important when riding a motorcycle. One of the last things that a rider should be concerned with on the road is their helmet flopping around on their head due to the incorrect size. Therefore, one must be willing to take the time in order to pick out the proper helmet and ensure that it will fit properly.
To determine which size is best for you, take a cloth tape measure and measure around the crown of your head, on your forehead and right above your ears at the largest circumference. Be sure to pull the tape measure tight against the head, you don't want any slack or you run the risk of the helmet fitting too loosely.
Follow the manufacturer's sizing guide for each helmet. Every manufacturer's helmet will fit a bit differently. Don't assume if you are a size large in one helmet, you will be a size large in every helmet. Each helmet fits differently and if you don't follow proper sizing guidelines and adhere to sizing charts, you run the risk of purchasing a helmet that does not fit properly. You also may want to be aware of your head size. Different manufacturers make helmets that fit different shaped heads, for example, oval or round. A helmet manufactured for a round head may not fit an oval-shaped head as well.
First, let's start with how to try on a helmet. Grab the helmet by the straps and pull the helmet over your head from the top rear down. If the helmet slides on too easily, the helmet is too big. If the helmet does not slide on at all, it is too small. Be aware that this may take some practice pulling the helmet on and off. Only if the helmet is impossible to put on should you move to the next size. Be sure the helmet is on properly. You don't want the helmet to be positioned either too high or too low. So many times I have seen a new rider attempt to pull a helmet from the front down which makes it much more difficult, awkward and uncomfortable.
A full face motorcycle helmet should fit just like a brand new tennis shoe. It should fit tight, almost uncomfortably tight. If the helmet shakes or moves, it is too loose which offers little protection. The cheek pads will break in anywhere from 10 to 20% over the first 30 days of use so a bit tight is better than a bit loose.
Once the helmet is on, check for spaces between the cheek pads. Is there contact between the cheeks and the cheek pads? If yes, the helmet fits. Is there unnecessary pressure between the cheeks and the cheek pads? If yes, then smaller cheek pads can often be purchased and swapped out. Don't just assume you need the next size up because then the helmet will likely be too big. Next, check the helmet for movement up and down and side to side. If there is little movement, the helmet fits. If there is movement, it is too big.


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