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Make Some Noise | Project Raquel

So there is literally only days left and we are doing what we can to finish the bike. Days are long especially for Derek and even our new technician Chris Hart has been pulling his own hours at the shop with wiring and electronic controls. The stress is on and the trip date is fast approaching.

Strange feeling these days with a lot of people stopping in to check out "Raquel" (the slat flats race bike), seems everyone has positive things to say. "Oh you guys can do it", or "it'll happen, you guys are good at last minute projects". The problem is we are good under pressure and as much as we appreciate everyone's support, we know that we have to pull the rabbit out of the hat and make this thing like a miracle. This time for real, and not only complete the build but run it at least twice across the hot and bare salt.

Right now there are no "what if's", only a target  that we have to hit doing 130 MPH in 10 days. Derek is focused and those who are close to him have stepped back to let him work. There is also no such thing as a problem. Only challenges thrown at us every day which is basically another chance to use our skills and experience to design, build or work-around another road block. No dropping the ball, we are too busy working on success.

So while we are spending late hours at the shop turning ideas into historical reality, we are asking anyone who is following this blog, Derek on Twitter, our friends and everyone who just loves living larger than life, to support us by spreading the word. Keep watching this page for updates and follow Derek at the twitter feed above. Make sure you send him some twitter love and lets get as many people checking this out as we can. We need your momentum to finish this so lets kick it into high-gear.


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