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Pipa Beach

Well nian and I made an easy decision on sunday. We got kicked out of the temple Dorms due to sunday closures. So we found a cheap hostel near the church. They were super full so they put two cushions on the floor in their laundry room and said we could sleep there for like $10. We were cool with it until we were both laying on the same mattress at 3am trying to kill each other for the fan. So hot! We woke up soaked with sweat, ate showered and headed to church. We walked into church and it was a million degrees inside, We walked into priesthood and the good Lord blessed us with ice box temperatures in the rooms. Best three hours of church in a long time ha. After church we put our feet up and relaxed for a few hours. There was supposed to be a CES fireside at the church so we decided we would stick around for that and then hit the road and see how far we could make it. We were going to stay in the heat box hostel again but we got a super gay vibe which facilitated our decision to leave. After like an hour of searching, going to 5 churches that were all dark, getting lost in a ghetto and doing a sweet ghetto hill climb on our bikes, nian running out of gas, both us blowing the plumbing out of a gas station, and me losing nian. We decided we'd hit the road.   As soon as we rolled out we drove past the chapel with the fireside and.... it had just got over. Bad Luck! haha guess we weren't supposed to go ha Anyway we saddled our horses and rode like 2 hours to Joao Pessoa. I wasnt paying attention, took a wrong turn, which lead us here thanks to our trusty GPS.

In case you cant tell thats Nian Flying over a bridge make out of two 1" X 8" pieces of wood nailed to a rickety framework! This thing was supppperrrr sketchey! all busted up and stuff. The sketchiest  part.... The water is basically a huge river of POO!!! one wrong move and its a long night trying to get our bike /gear out of a poo river. nian just about put it in the river!! 
  After Nian about gave us a smelly night i went like an inch a minute and made it across safely. the other side didn't provide the best access to our main highway either. Just a kanppy ghetto. we took some dirt trail like 5 miles into a field, found the main road, and couldnt get on it. we followed a bulldozer trail like 300 yards though jungle and found a little bike trial up to our highway. Another hour and a half and we arrived at pipa beach at like 2 am. After driving the whole city we finally found a decent place to camp. I licked my finger, put it in the air, and told Nian that it was going to rain. He said, "No Way!" I politely guaranteed him that it would rain and made an executive decision that we were going to find a place to stay and camp at Praia do Amor ( beach of love) I wasnt really comfortable camping with nian on lover beach either. I tipped over in a huge bush, got way mad,! and road back off the beach. right on the corner there was a cool looking hostel so I went in and yelled for someone to attend us. Nobody came for like 20 mins. Then some old lady said she was working there but she going out to meet some friends. ( what 60 year old lady goes out to meet friends at 3:30 in the morning to meet friends?) After some good haggling we talked her into letting us sleep under the front patio for free. We hung our hammocks and PAssed OUT! 
Oh and by the way, not more than an hour after i predicted rain... Torrential Down Pour! When we were in Morro de Sao Paulo some british dude asked a group of us if we thought it was going to rain. Someone said, "Ask the American. They know eeevveryyythininggggg!"  I confidently told him, I guarantee it rains tomorrow, probably around 3pm." I saw the guy two days later. He came straight over to me and congratulated me for predicting a massive rain storm which started at 3:30 pm the day i had said. It was funny.. Anyway, big day of swimming with the dolphins and doing nothing tomorrow! Peace....

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