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Livin the life in PIPA!!

Our first Day in Pipa was much needed!

 Look at That Water!

When we woke up we ate a killer good breakfast for like $2 and thats when Nian and I discovered what we were dealing with. We were staying in a hostel with only Girls.. haha We just looked at each other and laughed! They were actually pretty cool for once as well. After breakfast the girls took us down and showed us were the dolphin beach was.

 Swimmin with the Dolphins (they were farther out that we thought)

Sooo.. .We went and swam with the Dolphins. Not a big deal if you ask me. It sounds so much cooler than I thought it was. Never the less... Scratch that off our list! Swim with Dolphins... CHECK!  We spent most of the day on the beach and then went back to the place, worried about dave and his whereabouts, and got some good needed rest.

We woke up from our naps to some noise down stairs, a couple had shown up while we were sleeping. Liam and Colette from scotland. These two have been on the road for 18 months! theyve gone all the way around the world, got engaged in machu pichu, and have some pretty awesome stories! We chilled with the whole crew at the hostel (which consisted of Me, Nian, Liam, Colette, Neto (which is the guy that owns the place), and 9 other girls. Pretty soon dinner turned into them drinking a lot. Which turned into a speaker coming out which resulted into an instant dance party!

Part of our Crew at the Hosel

Which somehow lasted til 2am when the cops were about to be called. Then, turns out Nain and I became Designated Driver/Moto Taxi drivers, riding triples to town for more "fun" and Dancing haha What a funny Night! The place we're staying at is only like $10 a night, its right on the best beach,  its super rustic and open, and the owner has a dog named lelo that loves us! ha We're still waiting to hear from dave to find out his plan is! Last we heard he got his bike fixed and was on his way. Our brazillian phone service is super unreliable. I keep getting stacks of texts from him all at once. I told him where we were but this place is super hard to find. I Had a hard enough time finding it with the GPS. Hopefully, when he gets here we can all kick back and relax for a few days! Knowing Dave he probably made some friends, got a good paying job, and doesn't know how to break it to us...

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