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Morro De São Paulo

So we´re on the road to Salvador soakin up some heavy rain. Weve got our rain gear on (except for dave who ripped his somehow? and broke his helmet visor). were all three drenched even with our gear on. Daves gettin worked over with no gear on. I had my gear and it seriously felt like i was getting sand blasted! We pushed on til i looked back and they were gone. I went back and found them in a gas station hiding from the rain. we gased up and I struck up converstion with a trucker for some reason. Somewhere along this chat he mentioned That we should stop by the Island Morro De Sao Paulo on our way to Salvador. He said it was amazing and it would save us 150 kms so we took his advice and headed out.

To get to the island you have to get a boat at like 7 am so we spent the night in a Roach infested dive in some city called valença. Woke up in the morning, put our bikes under a shelter and headed to paradise.

Now close your eyes and imagine this. Your laying in your hammock, tied up between two palm trees on the point of an exotic island, sun shining, blue sky, and your just basking in the shade of the palm trees. you get up and walk into the caribbean blue ocean, perfect temperature, little fish swimming through your legs, walk up the white sandy beach, get yourself a big bowl of açaí wih bannanas and strawberries and head back to your hammock. You look down and you are wearing nothing but a cut off jesus t shirt and a pair of swim trunks and then you realize, hey, i´m Dave Kiley and i´m living the dream!! hahahaha!

This island was sweet, three days of paradise, sunny beaches, tropical storms in the afternoons, beautiful women, and crazy techno dance parties everynight from midnight to sunrise! needless to say we didn´t get much sleep there, if any. Except one of us who couldnt hack the party the last night.... hmmm i just can´t seem to remember who that was, can you remember Nian? Everymorning walking home in the twilight, sometimes carrying drunk argentinans home, and sometimes dodging the islands lone prostitute. Then going for a quick run on the beach and putting up the hammocks for another round. Got our hair did, somebody got their mack on with a brazillian chick, also can´t quite remember who, Nian, can you remember? and if we weren´t only half way we would have loved to have stayed with the great people of morro and partied for a few more days, but we really need to start covering some ground or else we won´t be home till 2011! which i guess wouldn´t be so bad, maybe we´ll go back and put in some job applications!!

sunrise on the beach after a night of partying! karate kid....

here comes the rain again!!

2 liter bottle of VOLCANO!!!! the greatest energy drink of all time! Lets just say there was an eruption but it wasn´t one of energy!! haha

Party #2, good times

jim, trying to figure out the blossoming romance in front of him between nian and this brazillian princess

walking our friend ernesto back home. Dropping off Fabiana and Renata on the way. Well.... Nian took Renata home.........

Marina Doing up our braids

hair did and looking beleza! riding the ferry boat to salvador

Saying our goodbyes on the way out

adeus Morro

Said our good byes to the great people of Morro de São Paulo, cried a little, got back on the boat and headed to salvador.

We took a short cut to Salvador by getting a ferry that cut about 300 kilometers off of our trip. We found a place and crashed hard! All of us fell asleep, didn´t go out to eat, didn´t go hang out with the pretty chillean girls we met, nada! (sorry girls, we´ll have to make a trip down to chile! send us the pics of the toca party and we´ll put them on the blog and you´ll be famous!!! we´re talking to you marcella and carolina)

Woke up, all rested up, getting our bikes tuned up right now cuz we´re about to pull a 24 hour straight stretch!!! its gonna be intense. Throttle pinned, 24 hours straight, flying up the coast at a cool 55 miles a hour!

and Rich we saw your mug playing on a Nitro movie right on that T.V. Here in this motorcycle shop in the suburbs of Salvador. Your Famous!!!

Special thanks to the boys at Moto Racing who just pimped our rides, now its time to get back on the road!


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