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Update on our 24hr 1500 km ride

So were on top of the world. Bikes tuned up, packs strapped tight, crisp cool night, flying fast! were aprox 11.4 kms into our 1500 trip and i get a text from dave...  ``bikes broke... come back`` awesome! we go back, find dave, go the the bike shop and... Closed! so we spent the night in lauro de freitas. Got his bike in the shop the next morning and its got a blown motor, cam shaft and bearings are completly fried. haha so here we sit 24 hrs later. haha hopefully we´ll be able to cover some ground tonight

According to my bike odomotor weve done just about 7000 kms. That leaves around 7000 more til Machu Pichu. pretty sure im starting to walk bow legged

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