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Road to Salvador

As soon as we hit the road leaving Rio the rain came and wailed on us for six hours straight. Dave and I had a run in with a grassy field on the side of the road around 10 pm on the drive. But thats another story for another day. it was a little sketchy so we went another 50 kms to the next beach town and stayed in a super cheap place that was acutally kinda nice. 

The next day we had a little bit of dry weather on our journey to salvador but sure enough the rain came again. after driving in it for a while it hit so hard we couldn´t go anymore. We ended up stopping at a truck stop to let a sprinkle pass over and that soon turned into an super downpour. soo... thats where we hung up our hammocks under the store´s patio/wrap around porch and called it a night. Somehow we all slept great.

Our Truck Stop Rain Camp
Weather wise, thursday was the best day for travel so far. But sure enough there´s always some kind of problem to slow you down. So Nian and dave are cruising along together when they come around a corner and two cops are standing there and wave for them to stop. The cops can stop you for no reason here. Anyhow they showed them their documents and all and then the tuff guy cop starts telling them that they can´t drive without a brazilian license. So then he starts giving them a spill on how they were going to confiscate their bikes and a bunch of other bullcrap. Anyhow in the end the cool cop brought back their documents from the car and told them that they were good to go. turns out the tuff cop was wrong and we´re ligit. Jim, on the other hand, blasted right passed the cops without stopping, but he suffered an intense sunburn while waiting for Dave and Nian.

Dave and Jim showing off their cool new sunburns
 So the journey continued until late in the night. night when dave turns up missing again. jim and Nina hung out for a cool 30 minutes until they decided to go back searching for him. turns out dave´s spocket is completely rounded off. so we limped his bike to the city of valença where we found another cheap place stay for the night (this one wasn´t as nice).
Jim´s Bed Broke on Nian
super ghetto

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