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VENEZUELA, COLOMBIA and some other pics

 Amazon Sunset by the Ecuator

Spotted Leapords

 This Guy really wanted to know what i tasted like

Another Sunset

And Another

Crossing the Equator

We would have spent some time here but as soon as we stopped a whole bus full of circus transvestites pulled up and unloaded. We saw the ....chickdudes walking over and we got a fist full of throttle and got outta there!!

Worlds biggest Moth. I checked

Right before getting detained at the Venezulan border for almost two days

The Venezulan High Grasslands... Amazing!

Waterfall in the middle of Venezuela.. There are thousands of these all along the way. Including Angel falls which is the higest in the world. Didnt have time to go there though.... 

Dave... feet up ridng off into a smokey venezulan sunset

Some of the biker gang that saved my bacon while i was almost broke down by myself in venezuela. I stayed at Vitaminas house. (Far Right) He`s so awesome! Worked with me all day to get me back up and running, Fed me, shelted me, and showed me a great time! 
Thanks again Vitamina!

As of the other day I was camped out sunday night at Vitaminas house. The next day vitamina and i worked hard to find all my parts and get the tornado up and running again. Not gonna lie i felt a little wierd riding around on the back of his cruiser bike. ha after several trips to the store, waiting for siesta to get done, and some rain the bike was up and running hot! dave called and we planned to meet at the columbian border at 7 or 8 am the next day. I tried leaving but they wouldnt let me due to rain, pot holes in the road, thugs, and of course rain. So i chilled at vitaminas place til 4 am and i rolled out as fast as i could! I made super good time due to more rain and some traffic. I rode as fast as i could stopping only for gas. I saw a dead person again. I hate that. Puts me in the dumps for the rest of the day. The last 100 kms to the Columbian boarder were super ghetto and 9 out of 10 cars are huge 70s rusty old cheys! so funny. At about noon at 5 kms from the boarder I caught up to Dave and Nian right before they were about to cross into Colombia. We got held up at the boarder again, interviewed, and 4 hours later we were on our way!

Welcome to Colombia!!

Once in Colombia  we road as fast as we could to the north east while it was still light. It got dark quick. We left the desert and the roads turned from horrrible to awesome so we kept on going. At around 2 am and 990kms into my day, we stopped about 30 mins outside of Cartagena, Colombia. I looked out in the field and beheld millions of fireflys lighting up the landscape. No moon, few stars, and fireflys tracing every tree, field, and hill side.  Truely a sight that flim cant capture. I wish everyone could have been there to share it with us. One of the most amazing acts of Gods great nature i've ever seen! It was so awesome that we road around til we found some nice trees, set up our hammocks, and got a couple hours rest. 


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