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Ok this is going to be have to be a super readers digest version. no time to kill right now. bad spelling and everythig. so manaus was awesome! we spent like four nights at Edivaldo and Martas house. they are the best people ever. they treated us like kings! amazing people. everyone we met in manaus was so awesome! we went to the zoo  there which was super cool. it was raining of course so we were the only ones there. including the workers which were army guards as it is on a military base. we had more unsupervised fun with animals than we should have. i got the black panther to bite down on the cage and i touched his tooth! haha so awesome! we hit the road for boa vista (one of nians other areas) in the worst rain storm ive ever driven in. it hurt so bad. even when we were going slow. we road like 600 kms in the rain and found an empty tire shop to tie our hammocks up in. we camped the night, got up at 4:30 and road hard all the way to boa vista. the ride was awesome! we crossed the equator, a bus full of trannys showed up so we bailed quick). the rest of the ride was socool. lots of hugee parrots, dead gators, and other crazy animals all over the road.we came out of the jungle and into some savana looking planes. at boa vista we fixed my breaks, ate and decided to head north. 4 hours later we were at the venezulan border in another rain storm. By night fall we were in Venezula. we all ran out of gas, got gas, got our passports stampd, and road north into Veneezula. its so much different than brazil. GAS HERE IS SOOOO CHEAP!!!! I filled my tank for like 25 cents.. gas is 9cents a gallon!! pretty much free. everyone here drives huge trucks, jeeps, and classic chevy cars haha. we road like 100 kms into venezula where we were stopped by the military police. They were not kind. after a long dispute and process we headded back to the border to get more paper work done. we spent the night at the border and  went to the border the next morning. They detained us and we spent the whole next day working on meaningless paperwork!.... we were all kind of depressed. Finally at 5:55 pm they let us go after some hero brazillian guy from the highway patrol named Vladimir made us some papers that said we were legal with brazil. We were once again all out of gas and it turns out the gas stations close at 6. we didnt make it in time so we headed to the ghetto side of town and started anyone if theyd sell us some gas. we got led to three or four houses that usually sell black market gas and noone had any. Upon asking one house a young girl overheard us asking in broken spanish and lead us to her grandpas house. He had us kill our motors, turn off our lights, and push our bikes in his back yard. he turned out all his lights and filled our bikes up from some big 5 gallon cans he had. i guess its super illegal to sell black market gas. we were having a good laugh after gassing up and dave  mentioned we were from utah. a lady from inside then asked, "mormons?" haha well  yes... turns out shes a less active member! soon we were eating a feast with them and she drew out a map for us to get around in venezuela as my new gps only has basic roads on it. The family let us crash on their floor as its not a good idea to night ride in venezula. once again we saw the hand of God in our trip. what are the odds of getting lead to a lessactives house after all we went trough at the border. great experience. the next morning we were on the road by 5 am. we got rolled by some more military police after like 4 hrs of riding. they were going to haul us in and keep the bikes because we didnt have "internatioal drivers licences". after talking for like an hour we were all laughing and having a good time. they finally let us go and we hit the road once more.  The venezulan countryside is amazing. we went from green grassy planes, to jungle, to savanna, to desert. everything you can think of. we road like 10 hours, dave lost his wallet so we spent some time fixing that. 6 more good riding hrs and it was dark. we got lost in cidade guyana looking for a bridge. we stopped for some food and everyone was like.. get the HELL outta here! its so dangerious!! needless to say.. we dropped everything and split! haha forget getting jammed up by robbers.. three hours later we gased up and got more food. as we were eating a guy comes in with a knife and tells dave something. we didnt understand him well but he either said im going to steal your bikes or someones going steal your bikes. we dropped our food, jumped on our bikes and headed out of town. Once again the cops grabbed us on the way outta the city. I was actually glad this time becaue im 100 percent sure someone was following us. I'll admit, i was gettting a little nervous. The cops wanted money and were upset when they found out we didnt have any. Dave speaks pretty good spanish so he does most of the talking.. i understand well but speak just a little so everytime they ask me for money i just smile an say... Si.. and laugh a little. Then i laugh more cause its funny to see them get confued. The cops told us we were going the wrong way which i know saved our bacon. I honestly felt , and know, that someone was waiting to ambush us after we left the police checkpoint. We bunched up and road into the night on the right road. around 3 am i felt my  bike getting a little shakey. we stopped and turns out, my sprockets and chain are all the way worn out again. My chain was tightened all the way and slipping bad so nian and i took some links out with my leatherman and a huge rock while dave slept on the sidewalk. This took like an hour and a half. i tightened by chain up all the way and limped down the road. i couldnt go over 70 kms/hr or my chain would slip again. nian and dave were way behind me for some reason. It got light and i stopped at the police station. I waited there for like and hour and i figured they stopped to sleep. I wasnt tired so i limped on stopping at each city to see if they had a mormon  chruch or bike shop that was open. At like 10:30 am i came across  city with a church and i caught the last 45 mins of sacrament meeting. It was pretty awesome. No bike shop in the city so i  wrote dave on facebook, tightened my chain again, and kept going. I rode til like 5pm. with no bike shops open on sunday i was starting  to get nervous that i wouldnt make it to Maricaibo which is the bigger city that would for sure have my parts.  My chain was slipping bad again so i pulled off on some grass to snug it up. Two bikers rode past me and a lady on the back of one of them invited me to join them. I told them my story and they told me to follow them. Turns out they are in a biker gang. They took me to their mechanics house. They call him vitimina. Pretty soon i was all showered up and at a biker gang pool party/ bbq haha. Remind you i havent slept since 5 am the day before... 40 hrs no sleep! I passed out on a couch by the pool and woke up to an  angry man yelling  at me! We ate the bbq, they took me to a bar, they got wasted and i slammed coke after coke trying to stay awake! we left the bar at midnight and road the town! Once again, theyre wasted riding doubles, im deathly tired riding with sprockes grinding! ha They bought me some bomb venezulan steak sandwhich at like 1 am and they took me back to vitiminas house. around 2 am i finally went to bed. 45 hrs straight! Tomorrow vitamina and i are going to get me back on the road so i can meet up with nian and dave down the road!

Pray for me! hahaa


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