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Next Update on our nonstop 24 hr 1500 km ride haha

Well last time I wrote we were back on the road... Bikes running great and ready to ride from Salvador to just past Natal. This time we make it past the 9 km mark and are making great time! We´re once again on top of the world. Crisp evening air, no bugs, smooth roads though groves of palm trees...

  One of the most amazing sunsets I have EVER SEEN!!
``wheres dave`` I finally found him 10 kms back coasting along. ANOTHER BLOWN MOTOR!!! Were soo pissed! So i roped him up and started towing him to the next town. Soon after it got dark the sirens came blaring. Cop pulls us over and gets up in our grill all kinds of nervous. So were trying to calm him down while at the same time cussing him in english. That was the last thing we needed was some power  trip hwy patrol giving us guff... turns out it was a blessing in disguise. The next city was 130 kms, We would have all run out of gas and been farther away from a moto shop. So we ditched daves bike at the roadside police station and road double back to the small town of Conde. After 30 mins of searching I bought some cake bread and the baker told me where we could hang up our hammocks. THE BEACH!

You cant tell but my hammock is like 6inches over the edge! haha
We pulled up to the beach, Nian wrecked in the sand with dave on the back, hahahaha, and dave came across this work of wonder. I think Angels were made this knowing that we needed a place to stay.

Morning Dave
We slept like kings once again, woke up, worked out, took a shower which was right here as well, and Got to work fixing daves bike.

The local shop guy went with dave to get it and found out that the gasket was blown and most of daves oil had leaked out. So here we sit, it looks like were about to head back towards salvador to get it fixed at the same shop. Keep yous posted!
 The bikes not so good in the sand but it nailed The Two Pack Wheelie!

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