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Sorry its been a few days and this is going to be short. To much has happened in the last three days. We´ll have to fill in the full stories later. To keep it short, we left pipa headed for Jericoacoaba. Somewere we lost nian along the way. Dave and I ended up in the middle of some sand dunes in the middle of nowhere! We´re stopped in the middle of a dirt road and some old dude runs out of his house at almost 2am. He tells us theres a 15 km trial through mud sand dunes and beach to the city. another old man walks up with a 2 foot knife. He kind of asked us for a ride and we bailed outta there! haha anyway we found nian the next morning, waited a few hours for rain to pass, and hit the road. we made it like 200 kms where some gas station attendent made us a bunch of food and talked us into spending the night in another truck stop. i woke up at like 3am to three guys all around daves bike and stuff. I jumped up ready to throw down! Turns out they were trying to kill a rat! haha I thought it was finally time for the three of us to Kick some serious trash! We woke up at like 5 and hit the road. we made it another 100 kms before daves bike started leaking serious oil. 3hrs later and we were back on the road. We made it to teresina by night fall were dave got lost. We told him were to meet us and he drove 75 kms past where we were down a dirt road til he found a pay phone. my cell ran out so we guessed where he was and drove that way. The 150 km part of highway that was straight dirt was pretty interesting. We found dave in some shanty lunch place. We were going to hang up hammocks and sleep there after they closed but some kid came by and said,  hey, why dont you come sleep at my house, nobodys there and weve got hammocks already hung up. we all decided we could punk this kid if he tries anything. we get to his house and it has three bedrooms and one door. thats it. it remineded me of a grain barn on our farm. inside were four hammocks so we gathered our things by candlelight and got ready for some sleep. Dave and i showered. By showered i mean filled up three buckest from the well 50 meters from the house, twisted a bulb for some light, and poured buckets over our now muddy bodies. It only got wierd when the kids mom came out of the other house thinking i was stealing water at midnight and there i stand, Naked! haha kinda wierd. Especially when she was super nice at breakfast. which was one egg, some cus-cus, and one little cup of milk. When we laid down to go to sleep it was so awesome. four hammocks swinging, crickets swinging, candles burning, and three amigos smiling while falling asleep! Daves hammock broke at like 5 am so we rose early. he had adquired a flat over the night so we fixed that and hit the road. not more than 20 kms into our day i lost the GPS nnoooooo!!! Our guiding light is gone. Now its up to us i guess haha That hurt a little.

We´re definatley getting closer to the jungle, so far we´ve seen road kill of three dead anacondas, on dead alagator, three dead sloths and a bunch of dead monkeys and stuff. haha 10000+ kms down, 2000 more and were in manaus in the Amazon... 20,000 more and we´re??

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