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Leaving Pipa With Sad Faces


This whole trip we have been surrounded by amazing people! We have been to some of the most beautiful places on earth, but many of the things that will most be ingrained in my mind is how amazing the people we met are! It seems like everywhere we stop there's somebody there waiting to take super good care of us! Pipa hasn't been an exception by any means. We've had so much fun here!
 Liam, (the Fourth Wolf) Showing some Brazilians how soccer is to be played
Super Relaxing and more than we could have hoped to have had for one of our last beach visits on the Atlantic Coast. These last 6 days we have slept great, gone to the gym, ate better than we have on the whole trip and for cheaper, surfed a bunch, swam with the dolphins, and made friends that we will remember forever! Our accommodations consisted of a room with 4 beds in an open loft overlooking the dirt road right in front of the best beach in town. Being completely open it gets us up at like 5 am everyday but its so awesome! Just down from our place there is a 150 foot cliff over the beach, you can hike about half way down and watch the most amazing sunrise ever!

Our last day in Pipa was nothing short of amazing! We woke up early and set out for a nice trail ride on our bikes. Somehow a short trail ride took us 50 kms up the beach and I found myself out of gas Again! ha We took care of it and continued the ride. We found another giant dead turtle, we all hit vultures on our bikes, haha, Dave got hit by a wave and found himself up to his seat in ocean water, and we all got some good sun. On our way home Dave crept up on the side of me at like 4 mphs right as i was going to turn. I turned, saw him, and bailed off to avoid us both getting wasted. Lucky we were going so slow, I landed on my feet and stopped and Dave didnt even wreck. Scratched my brake lever a little, thats it.

As soon as we arrived back at the place, Neto yelled for us to get to the Madeiro beach, NOW! There was a nest of baby giant sea turtles hatching right then. So we dropped everything, grabbed a couple people each, and headed to the beach! As i was running out Neto told me, youre crazy! The cops are gonna bust you for riding three with no helmets. So i grabbed helmets for the two girls riding with me and we headed out after the others. We were almost there as I rolled over a hill.. COPS! I slammed on my brakes, turned around, went back over the hill, dropped off one girl, and went right back past the cops. Nian and the others were all stopped, No helmets, riding 3, and in flipflops. haha for some reason i had my shoes on as well. anyway i dropped the one girl off, grapped the other one, got helmets for the others and we got em all to the beach.

We ran down to the beach were there was a group of 50 or so people gathered waiting for the nest to hatch. Turns out it had already hatched and there were only three turtles in the nest. So the guy went to the next nest and it was hatching at the exact same time! The dude opened the nest and it had over 100 baby turtles in it! it was pretty awesome watching them struggle their way down to the beach to the water. Truly and act of God.
Opening the Nest

100+ baby turtles making a mad dash for the water

This guy won the race

 After we finished saving the baby sea turtles we went back to the place, showered, and we all went out to eat for our last night out. All you can eat pizza was a bad choice on such a warm day and so late at night. Needless to say we didnt end up leaving like we thought we would. Sunday morning we hit the road once more. A couple short hours and we were in Natal. We searched for a bit and managed to find a church. We got our weekly meetings in there and got right back on the saddle. We road forever through rain and wind and finally around 9pm we pulled into Fortaleza, wet and tired. We grabbed a cheap hotel and got some sleep.

The Wolf Pack Back together! Including Liam, The 4th Wolf!
The Next day we spent the whole day fixing the bikes, My time had arrived for a new set of tires, I guess thats what you do after 8500 kms. Knowing that we're going to be doing thousands of miles on dirt roads from here on out i got the biggest meanest knobby tires I could find. We got another room in Fortaleza as the shop was still finishing up a few small repairs on the bikes.

Our plan from here is to ride a little way up the coast, go to Jericoicoara, which is supposed to be an amazing beach town, and then head inland towards the AMAZON! To tell you the truth i've seen enough beach and i'm ready to get into the jungle! These next few days we're going to put down almost 3000 kms so PRAY FOR US! haha

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