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RIO de Janeiro

RIO de Janeiro!!! This place is NUTS!

The Cristo in Rio
(written by Nian and Jim) So last week sometime we arrived in rio where our lives changed from being bums who camp on the beach in hammocks to staying in an awesome penthouse on one of rio´s most beautiful beaches. We stayed at dave´s mission president´s brothers house, Manoel Amorim. Manoel, his wife Marcia, and the maid Carman treated us like kings. They were such an awesome family. They let us stay there for four nights. The only rules were that we had to take a shower immediately and we had to make our beds first thing after we wake up.

Rocinha Favella. (one of brazils most famous ghettos)
Night one in Rio we were about to call it a night around midnight when Jim made us leave all the sudden. We rode forever out into the outskirts of town to some Favella (brazilian ghetto). we were supposed to be going to a happining part of town but Jims gps had two streets with the same name. As we pulled up to the street the gps took us to there were 5 dudes smoking crack while sitting on the sidewalk. so we soon found that we were in the wrong side of town. As we rode out we heard loud music so we stopped and I guess the neighbourhood was having a concert/party night all night. We watched the concert until it got over and rode back towards town. Around 2 am we found our street we were looking for. We went into a food place to enjoy some guaraná and discovered that they were showing the UFC fights. sooo we watched fights unitl 3 or 4 in the morning. Finally dave fell asleep so we went on back to bro Amorim´s penthouse for the night.

The Amorims live right on the beach! sooo awesome!
The next day was sunday so of course we got some good church time in. After church we went to the famous hill/rock/cable car pão de açucar. Nian played with some monky things and As we were there it started raining and didnt quit...... This put a damper on the day.

Nian´s monkey friends
 Rio was great except we had bad weather the whole time. We were still able to see the major sites though. Tuesday the weather finally cleared up until we decided to leave.


The Amorim´s kitchen where we spent a lot of time this stop! Such good food! and Great people! Irmãs Marcia and Carmin (Irmaõ Manoel had left for work in sao paulo already)

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