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The Best Motorcycle Rain Suit

here's form and substance. In motorcycle riding you could call that 'the bike' and 'the fashion' that goes with it. One of the key items that bikers are concerned with is what they'll wear if they get caught in rainy weather.
Bikers get a big thrill in riding in inclement weather. It is like a 'rite' or 'macho' thing with them. And truth be known, it is kinda fun to be cruising down the highway not only the thrill of being on a bike but also the thrill of that bike pushing you through the elements that keep mere mortals huddled in their home or tucked tightly behind the wheels of their cars.
There are basically two issues involved when discussing motorcycle rain gear and rain suits:
What is a motorcycle rain suit, and
Where do you get them?
The motorcycle industry has lots of specialized publications so you'll be able to find lots of motorcycle rain suit reviews but in essence the best motorcycle rain suit is the one that you like best. It's such a competitive industry nowadays that the majority of them are at least pretty good. It just comes done to the style and particular features you want and what you can afford.
One thing you'll no doubt ponder is color but here's one thing to not forget: The color is more than just a fashion statement. It also has a lot to do with your safety. You would be well advised to pick a high visibility color, especially for a rain suit, because rain or snow on the highway also makes you harder to see. The farther away other drivers can see you, the less chance you have of them running into you.
Next you shouldn't forget that your motorcycle rain suit can give you extra warmth when you need it too. Sometimes rainy weather is also very cold. Even though you're obviously wearing other layers of clothing beneath the rain suit, sometimes the rain drops the temperature even further (and snow certainly does, if you're driving in it!) So,you might want to consider a motorcycle rain suit that's got some extra thermal protection.
Beyond color and thermal protection you'll probably be looking at things like 'how many pockets does it have', 'what type of closures does it use', 'what's the durability of the fabric', 'one piece or two piece', and other questions.
Once you've got a good vision of what you're shopping for, it's time to actually start to shop. For this task, luckily, you've got multiple options in this information age we live in. There are two approaches, both with unique advantages. You can find lots of motorcycle rain gear reviews both online and offline. Online bike rain gear reviews are perhaps easier to find but it's always a good idea to find out where they're sold locally and go down to actually see what they look and feel like.
Although it's likely that you'll find your best prices online, a lot of bikers like the personal service they get from buying at their local biker supply stores. There you're often dealing with personnel who know you, your bike and the areas you'll be riding in. And they know their merchandise too so they'll be well qualified to tell you what's best for your needs. That extra bit of customized service might be worth paying a little bit extra for.
And besides, you probably didn't select your 'wheels' based primarily on price, did you? More than likely, you picked it because you wanted quality. You wanted quality that would last a long time and give you good service.
So, if you're looking for motorcycle rain gear and are absolutely certain what you want, it might make sense to shop strictly for price. But if money isn't the main issue, then you'll probably have more fun buying from somebody local.
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