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The Story Starts Here

The crew arrived back in Calgary this morning obviously very exhausted but extremely happy. We managed to do something that most people just dream about even with the constant challenges and set-backs we had in the last 6 days.

Trillion Racing Team members Chris Taggert, Derek Pauletto, Kurtis Kristianson, Chris Hart.

It's a long story but I managed to shoot a lots of footage that will eventually be made into a mini-doc that should be out around Christmas. Also a lot of still images that will end up here as we update the blog now that we are back.

Stories are always better when there is some kind of drama but I have to say we did not plan the crazy events that unfolded during the last few days in town and while we were on the salt. Constant break-downs, loss of oil pressure, breaking parts, major modifications without tools... ...we did it all. Derek was extremely cool through the whole process and our crew as a whole worked their ass off to think outside of the box and use their experience to make things work. 

Derek Pauletto in the timed mile on the mountain course.

There is no way things are going to run smoothly when you are dyno tuning your build and engine only hours before you leave town. Not too mention the fact that the bike was only 95% complete before we left. No slacking here, just constant hold-ups on parts and building that were out of our hands during the weeks prior. When the bike ran it had wings. After only a few runs the bike had a signature sound that was unmistakable around the pits and Derek quickly dusted off his racing skills from the past, getting to 107.094 MPH (unofficial). 

Unfortunately in the last hours at Bonneville the electrical problems became too much and the bike could not get out for the final return run. The Impound crew was extremely gracious and supportive as we tried desperately to make our return before the 4 mile closed. In the end, all the little nagging problems caught up with us and we had to step back. Derek and the bike would not make the final return run.

Derek takes a break on the hot salt flats between test runs.

Regardless of the way our story ended, we couldn't be happier about what we managed to achieve in our first year. We learned a lot and actually believe we have such a powerful and well engineered bike that we WILL be breaking records next year. With more time and testing we will return with something solid and have more focus on the racing then on the repairs. Stay tuned to the blog, check out our new facebook page ( Trillion Industries ), and continue to follow the story. Give Derek a shout, email, or tweet and let him know your supporting the adventure. 

Cheers!  K~

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